Pallaso Explains why he cut off his Dreadlocks 

The Team Good Music boss Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso cut off his 7 years old long kept dreadlocks out of the blue, an act which surprised his fans but now he has revealed why he had to let them go.

While appearing as the Celebrity News anchor of the day on Urban TV, Pallaso narrated the heart touching story of how he started growing his dreadlocks while still in the United States up-to when he cut them off.

Apparently, the “Tukyakale” hitmaker has a friend called Kage whom he hustled with on the streets and together they started growing the dreadlocks promising each other that when they become successful stars then they will cut off the hair.

Unfortunately, earlier this year Kage died without both of them fullfiling their target but all in the end Pallaso decided to cut off his to honor his promise to his fallen friend Kage.

Sean Musa Carter

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