Pallaso Begs Sheebah For Forgiveness, Says He Still Loves Her

The Team Good Music CEO or the Sucker Free Boss Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has finally decided to seize fire about the battle he has been having with the Team No Sleep member Sheebah Karungi.

Pallaso left TNS last year and its said that he has never met sheebah again, not even speaking on phone but now the battle got fired up early this year when they both released diss songs to each other. Sheebah released “Wantama” and Pallaso released “Bagwamu.”

Its now confirmed that pallaso has decided to end his fire for a while. Yesterday night while appearing on WBS TV, Pallaso went down on his knees to end the drama and begged Sheebah to forgive him and end the wrangles. He also continued to ask her to have a positive relationship like the one they had before all this started.

“TGM we never get on our knees unless it’s for God and my mother and my family or saving a life !! That’s why me got on our knees on WBS TV to thank our mothers publicly for all the love you showed swaleh hot boy and Zagga!#TGM still .. Sheebah I still love you no matter what..You are not your mistakes and I am not my mistakes neither.. I don’t say sorry because I am scared but because I have gratitude and I could say so much more that could hurt you and you can say so much that can hurt me and it breaks me inside because that’s breaking not building.. We built so much together that the world would love to see’s never too late..” Said the apologetic pallaso.

He went ahead and talked about sheebah’s upcoming song and also vowed never to create any diss song towards her, that he will return love instead.

” I heard you are creating another one #Kisasikimu again in diss again..If I ever create any song about you again.. It’s gonna be about how many great things we shared.. forget all the face book, Jeff Kiwa and media hype..I still love you and I hope you do the same..God bless your journey !!#HappySunday #MAMAout..dedicate this song to your beautiful Mother on this mothers day” added Pallaso on his Facebook page

Sean Musa Carter

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