The Pornography Detecting Machine to Begin Working in Uganda

Minister Rev. Father Lukodo  is a man that has not only fought against unethical happenings but also has passionate hate for pornography and to affirm that, he has set up a committee that will work hand in hand to make sure there is an immediate stoppage of photography, clips and all literature.

And for that reason, a nine-member p0rnographic control committee that the government inaugurated is expected to begin work immediately is set to prevent use or spread of pornographic materials and information. This will work with the Ministry of ICT that is headed by Hon Frank Tumwebaze in order to make this a success.

This will be in form of tapping p0rnographic literature and see where it originated from initially and suppress the source immediately. This will see the stopping of pornographic clips circulation on social media platforms especially Facebook and WhatsApp and there is likely to be massive imprisonment of individuals that will fall culprits.