Okwalinga – TVO threatens to use arms in his geared April Revolution

It’s more than a month since the anonymous figure Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has been posting on Facebook with April Revolution tag which most of his followers imitated him and started spreading the campaign #ApriRevolution.

However much the campaign has become popular on the social media and has become an anticipated move by most members of opposition, most if not all of his followers are not aware how it will take place and were not even aware of the day it will happen till he told them that it will be on 19th April.

Okwalinga now has posted telling the regime that they should be aware that anything starting from arms might be used in this revolution which is just a day away.

“As we approach the first day of people’s action, the regime is warned that, the #AprilRevolution Committee, (ARC) reserves the right to deploy any option including but not limited to armed struggle,  should it be deemed necessary at any stage.” Anonymous TVO posted.

It’s up to now not yet clear who is responsible and behind the April Revolution or if it’s a hoax and stunt to put the security on pressure.

No leader in the opposition has been seen publicizing this campaign which led to an assumption that the campaign might be another social media stunt. Most of the promoters of the revolution are Ugandans in the diaspora which leaves a question at the way this revolution is going to be conducted, if it will happen anyway.

April Revolution in History.

April Revolution/April 19 Revolution is a campaign name that resembles the South Korean April Revolution, which also happened on 19th April in 1960 that led to the resignation of the President Syngman Rhee who had ruled South Korea for 12 years and killing of the family of the Vice President Lee Ki-poong killed by his eldest son who later killed self. It is not yet clear if the organizers of this revolution took the name from the Historical revolution in South Korea which was led by Students and Labor parties and even chose the same date of 19th or if it was by coincidence.

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