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NTV’s Douglas Attacks People who Leaked Angella Kalule’s N#de Video

A few weeks ago, the famous singer Angella Kalule lost her phone to thieves who took it by force and after a few days she started receiving threats of black mail from the thieves threatening to release her Private videos in the phone if she didn’t pay them UGx 10 Million.

However, the Katikitiki hit maker refused to pay the blackmail claiming that that was alot of money for her to pay to people she did not even know about. Angella continued to receive more threatening calls that she even recorded as part of evidence.

The video has been circulated allover different social media platforms especially WhatsApp and NTV’s Douglas Lwanga has come out to attack the thieves who leaked the private video and those circulating it.

Its quite sad were likes and coments have put us. The Angella Kalule clip on Social Media shows you how heartless people can be. Why would you share a video clip like that of such a respectable woman? Imagine its your mum???What satisfaction do we get after doing this? Honestly SMH. Said the mad Douglas.

He also continued to add, “This confirms what was said, all of us are mad just the degree differs.Some people are more mad than others.

In this case whos more mad ? The person who recorded a private video or one who shared the Private video to get comments and likes????
Its sad. #Twedeko 

WAtch Video Below

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