It is Not Yet Over For Baby Kayla – Her Mother says

Yes as we are informed that baby Kayla Ruvuza was involved in a car suffocation incident months ago has not yet received the required medication, there is still a drive for a charity car wash that is aimed at lifting and raising the amount of money required to take her to India for a further treatment.

And of the people that believe most that Kayla has a new hope of getting a new life, her mother Dinavance Ruvuza (Dyna) is on top.

Like we reported in our last article about the amount of money that was collected from the birthday fundraiser of Kayla that was held at hilltop in Naguru in the outskirts of Kampala city, still there is need to raise more money to make it 185 million shillings and re-write Kayla’s life story.

Currently there is a car wash that is slated to happen this Sunday 13th August 2017 at Lugogo Startimes stadium dubbed “I will wash a car for Kayla” and many have confirmed their availability to the event.

In the middle of all this, Denavance says the World should know that Kayla’s case is still needing attention and help, it is not yet over for her, the journey is just starting but hopefully she will have a new life again thus calling everyone to come and be part of the car wash. “Everyone should have a heart of giving Kayla a new sigh of hope, she needs you and it is not yet over” in pain Denavance said. It should be noted that Kayla had a brain damage that led to her loss of sight, cannot stand or sit and cannot say a word out.

Among the people that have already confirmed their availability is Rema Namakula who said she will wash every car that will come so that Kayla gets the money to treat her. Each car will go for 30,000 but one is free to give out more than that. So Uganda, this time Kayla needs us more than she needed us on her fundraiser birthday, let us all be there we are soon knocking the required 185 million shillings mark. Be blessed as you be part of the movement