Nine More Kenyans Confirmed Dead Even After the Elections

Kenya, the eastern Neighbors of Uganda held their 2017 elections and Uhuru Kenyatta emerged the winner but before the announcements being made by the Kenya Electoral Body, many people surfaced gun wounds during the protects which were held confirming nine people dead in the process.

After the elections, a Kenya mortuary official in Nairobi came out and confirmed that nine bodies with gunshot wounds were brought in to the Morgue amid post-election violence reports.

The mortuary official explained that the bodies were brought to the morgue from the city’s Mathare slum, an opposition stronghold area and when he asked, he was replied that they were as a result of the protest.

Several other people have been killed in clashes between police and rioters since when Kenya’s election commission announced that President Uhuru Kenyatta was the winner in the held presidential elections.

However, the NASA opposition coalition, led by four-time presidential hopeful Laira Odinga, put the death toll at more than 100, including 10 children, but did not provide evidence. Odinga has rejected the poll and its result as “massive” fraud.

Sean Musa Carter

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