What Next for President Museveni?

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is alleged to have recently landed upon documents that disapproved his earlier assertions that he was born in 1944. The baptism records portray an astonishing revelation that the man widely billed by Ugandans to step down come 2021, considering the famous 102(b) was instead born in 1947.

This development has dropped another storm into a cup thus twisting the political and social debate about the prevalent age limit melodrama. When such instances come into life, the law is invoked to align descanting views and restore sanity.

There are two documents at play in this jigsaw, that is Museveni‘s baptism records which allegedly show the  year when he was born and an excerpt in a book he authored (Sawing the Mastered Seed) that spring out contradicting information about the two purported years of birth.

When the legal path is finally sought, credibility of the credentials will be the born of contention. There is a basket of alternatives and among them is president Museveni may swear an affidavit like he’s already suggested, and an underhand citizen may seek for legal remedy or judicial relief  on behalf of the president to authenticate the records discovered in the diocesan archives.

Court may go ahead to enforce a civil right in favor of the son of Kaguta. Considering that a birth certificate is what establishes the legal identity of a person rather than his/her work in authorship.

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