Musician Ronald Mayinja Dumped by Wife

Golden Band boss Ronald Mayinja is currently on the verge of ripping his heart apart after being dumped by his longtime wife Aisha Mayinja after proving that he has been cheating on her countless times with a woman known as Sharitah aka Karitus Kario.

Apparently, it’s reported that Ronald Mayinja has been in a secretive affair with Karitus for a while now to an extent of him renting for her a self-contained apartment in order to ease their secretive meetings and when she complained of getting tired of boarding Boda Boda’s, the “Necklace yo” hit singer decided to buy for her a car.

All this has been ongoing with Mayinja’s wife Aisha knowing but when she found out that her husband was on planning a local introduction ceremony with Karitus, she packed all her belongings and left him to avoid the embarrassment.

Our snoops have also alerted us that upon being left by his Wife, Mayinja cried oceans and rivers trying to bring her back home so that he settles the problems but all in vain, until when he decided to let go and settle with the new woman.

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Sean Musa Carter

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