Musician David Lutalo to Introduce and Marry a Second Wife

Popular Ugandan talented music vocalist David lutalo is set to introduce a second wife years after living in a hanging relationship with wife Sharon Walukagga though they are blessed with two children.

Lutalo came into the limelight with his satirical ‘Kapapala’ in 2005 and has gone on to entertain and educate the populace with hit songs like’Yamba’, ‘Manya’’,Nguwe Ani’, Kwasa name it thus becoming a fans’ favorite because of his vocal ability and entertaining music.

Ever since the ‘Woloolo’ hit maker hit the limelight and became a star doing a lot of hit songs, he is forgetting his family and where his past poor background to the extent of neglecting his family and wife for other girls on grounds of infidelity.

In an exclusive interview with the Blizz moles in 2016, Lutalo confirmed that he cares less for wife and mother of his two children Sharon Walukagga on grounds of infidelity accepting to give in his love to various band music artists, an accusation that the wife denies. Lutalo reached to the extent of even running away from home leaving his family in desperacy and rumors circulated that Lutalo had abandoned his wife for the city babes who make him more complete.

News coming in from our credible sources confirms that finally David Lutalo has decided to marry a second wife next to Sharon and he is busy in preparations for his introduction ceremony come December this year.

Musician David Lutalo together with his close buddies will travel to Gayaaza village located in Mubende municipality, Mubende district to be introduced by her new lover in December 2017. This sums it why the’ Kwasa’ hit maker has held more than three shows in Mubende district this year as an appreciation to his fans at the same time in-laws for having such beautiful babes that can really satisfy his s3xual desire.

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