MP’s Demand the President to Amend the Constitution

Members of Parliament on the NRM flag have today set their demands to president Museveni to look into them and if he is willing to meet all of them, they will amend the constitution and remove the age limit from 75 years something that will allow president Museveni to come back to the presidential race in 2021.

Spearheaded by Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Abiriga, he has told the president that for them they are ready to make him comeback but he posted the three demands of which every political analyst would term as unrealistic.


In his own words, Honorable Abiriga said that all NRM members of parliament are willing to work hand in hand only if the demands are met by the big man.

I held a meeting with NRM MPs on amendment of the constitution to remove the presidential age limit,

Our NRM MPs confirmed their support for the bill on condition that the big man president Museveni meets 4 conditions :

1. Our big man President Museveni will pay 350 million to each MP,

2. Statehouse will bailout the MPs loans which they took from the former Crane Bank,

3. The President will allow the inclusion of a close in this amendment to extend the MPs Parliamentary term to 7 years because voters have threatened not to vote the MPs who support this bill back to Parliament in the next elections.

4. The 4th request is to heavy , I don’t know if the Big man will allow it” Hon Abiriga stated.