MP Simeo Nsubuga Tormentor Arrested Again Upon Release

Mubende grade one court magistrate Hellen Ajio has this Friday the 25th of August 2017 released freelance journalist William Ntege aka ‘Kyuma Kya Yesu’ from prison after almost a month in incarceration on grounds of misbehaving on the Kassanda south parliamentary MP Simeo Nsubuga.

The former WBS TV journalist William Ntege aka ‘Kyuma Kya Yesu’ pounced on Nsubuga and shoved him from reaching the Kabaka of Buganda’s presence as MPs from the Buganda region proceeded to pay their respect to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 11 at his 24th coronation anniversary that was held in Buwekula constituency, Mubende district on the 31st of July 2017 after the latter’s public support for the lifting of the age limit for one to stand for presidency contrary to article 102(b) of the Ugandan constitution.

Ntege was incarcerated to Mubende prison by the Mubende grade one magistrate Hellen Ajio for misconduct and has on several occasions been brought to court seeking bail but turned down by the magistrate because of irregularities raised by the plaintiff’s side. The magistrate had promised on Tuesday to let him free on Friday 25th August 2017 after the plaintiff’s side failure to show up in court for hearing headed by MP Simeo Nsubuga who fell prey.

Simeo Nsubuga and his legal team have not showed up even today thus encouraging the magistrate Hellen Ajio to free ‘Kyuma Kya Yesu’ on grounds that he has no case to answer the fact that the prosecution side was absent yet he has a right to receive bail.

Kyuma Kya Yesu has been released to his family and friends at 2pm but as he was boarding his vehicle to leave the premises, he has been re-arrested by Mubende police on grounds that he was going to cause traffic and disorganization in the town since many of his fans within Mubende municipal council had anxiously waited to congratulate him upon release.

Police had to drive him till the Nabakazi swamp that separates Mubende district from Mityana where he was given his freedom and allowed to head to home in Kampala.

Prior his re-arrest, Ntege spoke to the media asserting that he has no beep with MP Nsubuga rather he is after restoring law and constitution free upkeep from infringement by opportunists promising to move on with his campaign of frustrating arrogant politicians who don’t mind about the electorate rather being self centered.