“Mowzey Radio is a Brainless Rat, All His Fans are Stupid..”-Dembe FM’s Eddy Sendi

Two days ago during the Save UG Music Campaign, musician Nakintije Ssekibogo Moses who’s commonly known as Mowzey Radio came out, grabbed the microphone from Dembe FM‘s Edward Sendikadiwa alias Eddy Sendi and altered out a lot of words including him trying to beat him up.

Apparently, Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe crew lost his temper during the Save Ugandan Music campaign meeting that was held at Laftaz Comedy Lounge, at Centenary Park and he wanted to beat up Dembe FM‘s Eddy Sendi, but during today’s radio show that Sendi Presents with Kasuku, he turned the whole programme to abusing Radio.

During Dembe FM‘s Talk and Talk Show, Sendi turned the whole programme to abusing Mowzey Radio and everyone that supports him saying that they are all Dogs, Brainless idiots, imbaciles and nonsense rats who don’t know who to respect and leave out or attack.

It all started when Musician came together to talk about UPRS, an organization that governs and controls all the revenue from Radio, TV Stations and Clubs to be given to musicians plus the controlling of the copyright law then Mowzey Radio  jumped out of the audience, shouted and wanted to beat up Sendi.

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Sendi claims that Mowzey Radio has always been a stupid fool and the excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol have spoiled more his life and career and it is because of this that he is now struggling and abusing the hand that once fed Him.


Sean Musa Carter

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