“Minister Byandala Infected me with HIV,” 21 year Old Girl Confesses

Recently, we have been hearing stories of young girls complaining about how big government officials impregnant them before abandorning them but this time around the story has taken a new route after a 21 year old girl known as Martha Angella Nabatanzi a resident of Mukono district has come out to pin ex minister Hon. Abraham Byandala James as an irresponsible father.

Read Martha’s message below:
“The child is now 4 months old son
but he has refused to lease a coin in taking care of the child though he managed to do the job well with his iron to balloon me. So now the responsibility is none of his business.
Byandala infected me with HIV/AIDs. His making my life hard yet am still a young girl.He has never given me anything Byandala who resides in Nyonyi gardens Kololo.But when it comes to his own son , he doesn’t to know.
He told me that he would kill me because his a friend to the President as the president wants criminals like Byandala .
The baby is in a critical condition , very sick . He has serious wounds on his body and also respiratory problems. But Byandala doesn’t know the son though he managed to use his iron, have fun and balloon me.
I have been surviving on friends who giving help but they are also tired of me.
Byandala has threatened me many times that he would assassinate me. He has said that many times . He even said to stop ringing on his phone.
Everyone who knows ex.minister hon. Abraham Byandala James,MP. Katikamu North Luweero district , engineer by profession , owner of Zaddock Associates should tell him a billion times to come help his own son from
Martha that his in a bad condition .I fear him because he has promised me many times that he would kill me.”

Sean Musa Carter

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