Mind your business, Sheilah Don Zella blasts her fan publicly

This is some kind of social media madness but hey, Nalongo is back at it again in another feud with a fan and this time round she has said all her heart out in the most vulgar way! Calling some one garbage was what she could end with.

This all started when Sheila posted on her timeline that her daughter Briella doesn’t want to share her iPad with the siblings, she hides under the cabinet. This did not go well with a one Atugwere Patience and it pulled her attention as she came in and asked Don Zella whether the kids don’t go to school, the movie started from there and then.

Don Zella had to reply in a lucrative way that attracted other people to join in and help her to blast Patience, “Bakwatirako wa nyabo genda obuze nyoko ne kitawo ababasasulira fees oba America ojiyise katanga ye mbarara todamu kubikula mudomu gwo kumbuza bitakwatako gaciya” Zella roared. Literally translated that, Why do you get concerned about their studies? You think American style of education is like that of yours in Mbarara Katanga? Never again open your blabbers to ask such silly questions again, garbage!

This saw many criticize Sheila and others support her something that sent Patience to the apologizing state of which she pointed that she was just asking not be abused but up to now we do not know whether furious Zella accepted her apology or not.