Meet Shafik MC, the Big Voice on Your Radio and TV

Shafik MC Sharens real names Sseruwagi Shafik is the freshest voice on the radio everyone has been asking about as his Freestyle Friday and Saturday breakfast Entertainment shows have gained him more audience on Magic 100 FM station.

Shafik is a 3rd year journalism student at Makerere University whose career kicked off in 2011 during his Senior Four (S.4) vacation since he used to work as a field reporter on a WBS TV show dubbed “ICON” and then later joined Star TV for a show called “Kapya ki?” In 2014 hence paving a bright route for his future as a Radio & TV host plus event mceeing.

As an enthusiastic dreamer, Shafik’s dream did not stop on co-hosting TV shows but also decided to join the radio driving his inspiration from Miles, a radio presenter who used to work on Record radio in 2014 hence making him join Magic 100 FM where his mentor Tony Kent works from.

Currently, the big voiced Shafik MC is currently working with Magic 100 FM for the two morning shows on Friday and Saturday but as he revealed to us, he is soon joining the new “UBC Magic One TV” station where he will be hosting a show called DANCE XTREME which will start hosting on the internationally built station.

Besides being under-looked by not only fellow presenters/Mc’s, Shafik also faces a challenge of being under estimated by employees who tend to give in low wages for the high quality duties he delivers during the different events he has hosted along his 6 years experience.

Meanwhile, tomorrow (7th January 2017), he is going to be hosting and Mceeing a talent search show for all talented young spirits ranging from models, dancers, singers, rappers, deejays, et.c at the Bukesa based Club Ambiance starting from 10am till late evening.

Sean Musa Carter

A Creative, Experienced and True talk Entertainment/Gossip News Writer. Devoted to telling it the way it is.!!!