Meet Ghana’s Fresh Talent called Xtacy robbing the Airwaves

Currently, it’s not only Nigerian music that is taking over the airwaves of the Ugandan Music Industry but also Ghana as their music has been witnessed topping charts in Uganda for the past years up-to date with the freshest talent called Xtacy whose music has been proven the future of Africa.

Born, Emmanuel Prempeh now known as Xtacy is an Afrobeat and Highlife Ghanaian musician who lived his early childhood years in Nigeria raised by his grandmother while his parents were abroad then returned to Ghana permanently in 2001 to live in Tesano before he graduated from O’Reilly Senior High School in 2013.

It is believed that Xtacy’s dad would play all genres of music when they were living together. But it wasn’t until when Xtacy was bought a handy cassette tape player that he had an intimate connection with his favorite songs hence getting to frequent and master his genre of Music.

Later on Xtacy discovered his love for literature at the age of 13 hence becoming a prolific reader and writer which foundation helped him discover his musical talent.

In his own words, “Music has been an obsession formed since then and there’s nothing else i’d rather do.”

Xtacy started off as a rapper for two years then made a conscious decision to switch to Rnb singing because he realized that was what he wanted to do. Both the Ghanaian and Nigerian cultures can be felt in his music including his latest single dubbed My Baby. and lyrics due to his upbringing.




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