Meet Gamit Joseph, the Fresh Dancehall Assassin

As our Blizz Uganda custom stands, we bring to you the best and in our endeavors as usual, we bring to you one of the best talents we have heard of, seen or maybe we have not, but he is here today for you, meet him, know him. The boy in the dock tonight called Gamit, we have had a chance of landing on him and here we go in an exclusive interview.
Ugblizz: Hello welcome to Blizz Entertainment your home of fresh and exclusive news, can I please know your names and age?
Gamit: I am called Gamit Joseph sir, and I am 26 years.
Ugblizz: And your stage names?
Gamit: Call me Gamit when am on stage
Ugblizz: Alright, so when did you start music and audio production?
Gamit: Okay I grew up singing from the Church Sunday school, joined Choir and in 2006 I recorded my first audio in my senior two it was called The Flow with my brother
Ugblizz: Do you have a record label and you recording studio?
Gamit: Oh yes, I am signed under one record label called Mokolimbo Ink, Mokolimbo means larger than life and my record house is Titenium Rekodz
Ugblizz: how many songs so far have you dropped?
Gamit: Apparently, I have over Eighty songs but the official I have with my current label are three with there videos and am still shooting other videos
Ugblizz: Are you having all the eighty songs on audio recorded or?
Gamit: Not all of them, i8 have most of them in template form I record from those templates
Ugblizz: What genre of music do you do?
Gamit: Well, I am versatile I do urban dance-hall and reggae
Ugblizz: Apparently I heard of some rumor that you are at loggerheads with veteran singer Gen Megadee that you did a remix of his song Mugulu Teliiyo Mwenge, how valid is it?
Gamit: Well we do not have any conflict as you say, but as an artiste, I sat down, wrote my lyrics and after the song was out, my Manager told me it was a duplicate of Megadee’s song but trust me I didn’t even have any idea about that song. Actually, Megadee will be happy he has gotten a disciple (laughs)
Ugblizz: What makes you special from others?
Gamit: My stronghold character just. I started singing as myself not looking at anyone not like other artistes who act like wannabes.i have grown up doing music and it is surprising that I do not know any game like football or anything, I have grown loving music and I do music not for fun but for the love I have for it.
Ugblizz: Who writes for you songs and your producer?
Gamit: I write 100% of my songs and I produce 90% of my songs
Ugblizz: Future prospects as far as music is concerned?
Gamit: To be international and East Africa, this is because I do music for the next generation even if you listen to my songs, you will judge me right. I am versatile I mix music, dance-hall, reggae, ragga and all that. I am proud of that
Ugblizz: Any word to your fans and fans to be?
Gamit: I am coming up with an album called Feeling Nice and they should expect a great mix of music because In this I have done Mumbaton it is a genre done by Major Lazer so it is to be for everyone and am to shoot more videos
Ugblizz: Okay thank you very much Mr Gamit, catch you next time

Sean Musa Carter

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