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Meet the Dontaze Family Group

This may sound new or not that familiar to you but trust me they exist and they are doing it better than you may suspect.
The Dontaze Family is this one of a kind family call it a group of four young talented and energetic ladies that met and decided to start doing live performances in rap and dance modes. This leaves us with other better choices apart from groups like Da Kings dance crew and many others.

Blizz Uganda team approached a one Briajo of the Dontaze Family and had a great moment with her where she had an interesting story to tell as far as the Dontaze family is concerned.


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In 2013, Briajo , Jojo , Patra  and Hannah met from Kitante High School as best friends but because of the talent element they had in common, they later turned to best performers as they dance to RnB, Hip Hop, Dancehall to mention but a few of the songs/genres they do dance to plus their own composed Rap music that they storm the stage with and make you get out of your chair and dance along.


As years went by, the crew started to do performances at Kitante Hill School which kept on enticing the school administration that later saw the administration send them for a representation to the Wildlife competitions that exposed them and inspired them the more to fly high.


Oh yes, as a successful group registering hype and hyper growth, the crew have come up on the huge list of the performers on one of FLY UGANDA events that made them work with Mun G and emerged the best performers. This FLY UG contract brought them to a massive spotlight that in turn has made them ready up for every show or event.


The Dontaze have got a stable management and are on ready for any bookings through their facebook page “Dontaze Family”. They do perform on every event like Weddings, Concerts and Conferences.


“We are currently working on becoming the best dancing group around town and trust me, you will witness it just give us time” Briajo  quipped.”We are family, sisters and friends with a mission so we hope to stay forever” Briajo stressed on being asked on the durability of the group and had to assure us that that many fall quickly, but the the group is to stand forever.

We wish all the best, keep the mission alive we are behind you.

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