The Meaning of Sheebah Karungi’s New KARMA Tattoo

The Team No Sleep (TNS) music camp Queen Samalie Sheebah commonly known as Sheebah Karungi just gotten a new tattoo and most people have been wondering about the real meaning behind the non stop Ink Sheebah keeps getting especially the one behind the word “Karma.”

The “Enjala” hit singer had the word “Karma” and a crown inked on her upper abdomen just below her bo0bies and later on revealed that she is a great believer in karma as she showed her new tattoo.

Great Believer in KARMA! Have Always Been!! Sheebah said.


You Get What You Give! You Reap What You Sow!” she added.
This Tattoo Means So Much To Me! One Day,

I will Go deeper about its Meaning to me.” 

Sean Musa Carter

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