Mc Mariachi talks about his One Man Standing Show

It should be noted that Mc Mariachi the self proclaimed king of Ugandan Comedy is slated for a show that is to take place on the 3rd of March this year at Theatre Labonita and he has been receiving messages advising him that in any way if he could change the date because of Mesach Semakula’s show at Africana.

So just hours to the One Man Standing show at Labonita, Mc Mariachi has come out and told our news desk that he is no quitter, he won’t change the date of his show and he is confident his fans will appear.

“Mesach is an artiste, I am a comedian, there is a difference in the field and definitely our fan base differs” Mariachi quipped. He later called upon his fans to be there in numbers as he is terming this show as the return of the king.