MC Kats Comes Out to Defend Fille’s Cheating Allegations 

Screenshots and different messages came out implicating singer Fille Mutoni in a cheating scandle with one Nkubakyeyo in Dubai but the fiance to Fille, MC Kats himself has come out to defend the mother of his child from all this drama.

According to the cheating allegations that emerged, it was said that Fille was cheating on Kats with some guy in Dubai who also helps her clear the bills when Kats fails but now the famous TV presenter and even host has come out to trash all this saying that his woman is not cheating on him.

The whole drama was started by a one Ritah Kaggwa who happens to be a famous Facebook blogger based in London but now Kats is saying that all this was made up by Ritah with intentions he does not understand.

According to MC Kats, the screenshots were all just forged in order to tarnish Fille’s name and also weaken him as a man.


Below is his statement :
Dear Ritah Kaggwa bambi we have stood beyond this bullshit

I know how she types and her gramma 

This is another joke

 Dat  profile pic was taken last week thursday at avideo shoot n when was idi
The bed pic was take 3years ago check her instagram.” 

Sean Musa Carter

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