Mc Kapale Publicly Attacks Jose Chameleone’s brother Humphrey Mayanja

We last heard of beef crossing boarders back in the days but it has been a while we last witnessed a social media direct attack and now it is Kawuki Simon a.k.a Mc Kapale and the Ugandans in Diaspora especially Humphrey Mayanja, who is  Jose Chameleone’s brother and Bukenya Charles alias Muva Wala all these stay in Boston USA.

In a live video broadcast, Mc Kapale came out to show his discontent he faces with those nkuba kyeyo Ugandans who treat fellow Ugandans that find them there aboard like trash and advised them to pick a leaf from the whites they stay in or Indians who meet as brothers and part as brothers.

But we dug in deep of this to find out why he had to blast them and came to learn about something.

We came to know that Mc Kapale was invited by a one Muva Wala who triples as an artiste, promoter and a radio presenter currently managing the Ugandan Radio USA who started his career with Simba radio here in Uganda. Kapale performed in Boston under Muva Wala’s invite to do so since he is a promoter but it all turned ugly at the time of departure back to Uganda. But during all this time Kapale has been sleeping at Humphrey Mayanja’s home and it is surprising that he came out on Facebook and announced that Humphrey sleeps like a retard.

Kapale accuses the events promoters of not paying him as required although he didn’t say it straight on air but it was his motive because we tried to get the other story from Muva Wala himself and said that Kapale show did not bring out the expected money and above that he was given two free air tickets and a visa to the states.

We do not know where this will end from but Blizz moles are trying to get to Muva Wala and get to know what exactly happened.