“Mc Kapale, You Are a Pig” Says Humphrey Mayanja

Yes we reported about the possible Cold War that would spark off any time after famous comedian MC Kapale attacked Ugandans in the diaspora on a live video feed on his way from Boston last week after a failed comedy show. He allegedly asserted that those Ugandans abroad do not have helping hearts, they are broke and are badly off staying in the ghetto.

To add salt to an injury, he said that Humphrey Mayanja who doubles as singer Jose Chameleone’s elder brother that he is married to a sugar mummy who foots all the bills for him. This never left Humphrey Mayanja restless hunting for any weapon he could bounce back with and finally the pondering came to an end when he came publicly and busted the comedian.

In his own words, Humphrey labeled Kapare a pig and moved on to tell him that he knows nothing and advised him to get new comedy material. During this heated up message, Humphrey moved on to tell Kapale he low comedy quality and said that he should pick a leaf from comedians like Mc Mariachi.

We have currently not got any response on the same matter from Muva Wala who was all abused in the due course only that he appeared on Don Zella’s the voice live show and promised to keep a low profile. It looks like the Mayanja’s are these tiny boys who won’t allow to be despised and keep quiet like nothing happened. It just got started keep around for the latest about this.