Mathias Walukagga Releases ‘Kogikwatako’ Music Audio

Sir Mathias Walukagga has joined cause by the locals fighting the proposed new land amendment bill aimed at scrapping off ownership rights from land owners by force through his new music single dubbed ‘Kogikwatako’ anticipated to gain massive air play.

Ugandan Local Kadongo Kamu music star has used this platform of the yelling Ugandans scared off of the new proposed amendments to the land law that seeks to provide for compulsory acquisition of land for government development projects such as roads and other infrastructure that has sparked outrage, with sections of Ugandans now accusing the government of trying to grab their land.

The draft proposals midwife by the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi late July 2016, seeks to amend the land act, 1998 to ease government takeover of private land thus generating nationwide debate and jitters alike, with the move being interpreted as a maneuver that will fuel land grabbing and evictions in the country.

Through Walukagga’s Kogikwatako song lyrics, he talks about the hidden agenda behind the proposal to alter the land law showing concern of leaving the Ugandans at the mercy of losing out on their land to corrupt government officials without being compensated if passed by the August house.

He further critics greedy politicians who awash themselves with hefty bribes to pass laws that are aimed at undermining the will and rights of the electorate mentioning article 102(b) that disqualifies a person for presidency of the country if he or she is less than thirty-five years and or more than seventy five, an article that is being rallied for by NRM die hard to be amended to pave way for the aged incumbent president Museveni to seek for the office come 2021.

The highly packed music audio with educative and sensible message will not leave you the same and for more information you can download it on