Mathias Walukaga together with Other Musicians Sign Music Video Copyright with ABS TV

For over three years now, the Ugandan music industry has been pulling ropes and fighting so hard to gain and maintain the copyright law inorder for the artists to gain from their songs but all in vein until today when pastor Yiga Abizayo came out and offered his kind of help in the copyright law.

According to Pastor Yiga’s word himself, he says that the ABS TV music copyright works with only those artists who have signed with him in that all their music will be played only on ABS TV as the station pays them but if any other TV plays music of those artists then those stations will get sued and taken to court.

Currently there are some artists who have already agreed to work with and sign with Pastor Yiga and they include; Mathias Walukaga, Irene Namatovu, Geoffrey Lutaya and Fred Sebatta. But still then though their music will only be played on ABS TV, this does not stop other people to play them on radio stations and clubs around.

Sean Musa Carter

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