The Maid Who Tortured a Toddler in 2015 has been Released from Luzira Prison

Jolly Tumuhirwe, the house maid who was convicted and incarcerated in Luzira prison for man-handling a toddler has been on Friday 25th August 2017 released from Luzira Prison.

The heartless maid was sentenced to 4years imprisonment in Luzira prison for beating up a toddler in 2015. The22 year old house worker sparke4e outrage when she was filmed by the home CCTV cameras stomping an 18 month Aneela Kamanzi after vomiting while being fed dinner in Nakawa, in the outskirts of Kampala city..

The horrifying footage caught on a hidden camera by the girl’s father, Eric Kamanzi spoiled the day for Tumuhirwe who was later comprehended by police and charged of assault thus being sentenced to 4years imprisonment by the chief magistrate Lillian Buchan.

The sickening video showed Tumuhirwe dragging the child onto the floor before beating her with a torch, then kicking and standing on the toddler. This propelled the father to storm the law enforcers for justice to the later which he got after the Tumuhirwe being punished for her deeds by the courts of law.

Let us hope that she is now a reformed person having experienced a lot from the university of understanding in Luzira.