“I Made a Sexay Tape with Usher Raymond” Claims a Girl in Court

A woman known as Quantasia Sharpton who accuses American Singer Usher Raymond of exposing her to herpes still insists that she can prove that the two couple had s#x through showcasing a sexay tape they record while in her hotel room in 2014.

Quantasia Sharpton narrates that she filmed the alleged sexay tape with Usher on a night he had a performancing concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey even though Usher keeps on denying the accusations.

Quantasia also said her lawyer Lisa Bloom is attempting to subpoena hotel surveillance video which she claims shows Usher entering her hotel room back in 2014.

Eye witnesses have also come out to claim that the singer was backstage for hours after his concert and couldn’t possibly have met up with Sharpton on the night in question even though a former Hotel staff worker insists that she saw Usher walk into the hotel lobby shortly before Quantasia took him up to her room a little after midnight.

The accuser claims one of Usher’s aides took her phone number after he spotted her in the crowd at the concert and she met up with the R&B hunk after the show. She alleges Usher never mentioned he had herpes, which she contracted on and spent a lot of money treating.


Sean Musa Carter

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