Lydia Jazmine & Geosteady in a Secret Love Affair

This is rather bad news to the lovers of his baby mama Prima or some of the Blackman soldiers but the fact remains that it is now official and no hiding that vocal bird Lydia Jasmine and vocal master Geosteady are currently exchanging saliva and share under blankets romps. This news comes through after the two are being rumored to be working on another banger collabo song which raised concern to our blizz moles to follow and know what may be happening behind the booth only to find out that something is actually happening under the blankets instead.

It all started from their all time collaboration hit called Same Way where we could see them in shows and they could seem to be over each other but you know we never report before having the information at hand, we have it time. “Ever since their successful collabo, musicians Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine are getting closer and closer each passing day.” A pal quipped to our mole when we moved on and asked to tell us whether the two could be doing rounds of romps.

We are further reliably informed that the two can’t get enough of each other and always meet in secret. And according to close sources more so, we were told that Geosteady can never leave her. “Geosteady has got great feelings for Jazmine. She strongly likes him as well no one can separate them” the source told our investigative team.

And the two have always put up a super performance every time they are on stage performing together. This was justified last Thursday during the Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store show at The 400 Lounge in Bukoto as they almost kissed on stage as party goers cheered on.

We currently do not know whether baby mama Prima is in a know of this but things may worsen when she doesn’t wake up and find out as someone maybe enjoying her cassava in plenty that she (Prima) does. And what we pray for is that these two settle down and make us another piece that is bigger than Same Way after all what we want is music not s3x marathons.