“He Loves Me Unconditionally Regardless of My Past n Mistakes,” Fifi Da Queen Brags

Yesterday 28th September was a day that celebrated television personality that works with vision group’s Bukedde television Fifi Da Queen introduced her long term hubby Fabulous Love and the while event went on well as the two officiated their bedminton sessions in style.

But the joy never lasted for long before Fifi coming out and attack the so called haters that never wanted her to be married with her man.

In a long statement she has made, she showed her devastated mind to those that used to tell her husband that she is ugly, sick and old and thanked her man that he never dumped her to go for those slay queens and accepted to be introduced by her. She moved on to tell the World that Fab Love is officially hers and she’s not expecting anyone to ask for any bonking session from him as Fifi is ready to give him overdose all the time he will need it

“He is the man who loves me unconditionally regardless of my past n mistakes, he showers me with love, the man who continues to stand up for me, protects me even when it comes to his family n friends. The man who publicly got attacked by haters when they got to know about our love and advised him to leave me that I was black,old, ugly,sick,poor among others but he still choose me rather than the brown,beautiful,youn­g,rich as they claimed, No one can break what we have he is my simba, pillar,lover,husband­, salo, haji,boo my everything and he happened to be my biggest fan, he is my husband n it official, I really love him, he is my man regardless of what you haters say he doesn’t judge me but gives me warm hugs,kisses n love which makes me keep on climbing higher and higher. he is my fabulous love .my boo,my hny my haji.tanxs fr this one too. #tulindakilala .tanxs to God” Fifi asserted.

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