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List of top 10 richest musicians in Uganda 2016

It seems Forbes is forgetting that there are musicians in Uganda who are making money in Music and need to be considered. Through the ages, Music has grown from just a talent to a business, people who used to sing just as a hobby now do it for commercial purposes, and most of these musicians you are always hearing on the radios are making some money, in one way or the other. Some of them have been able to build themselves houses, cars, but very few musicians are making huge sums of money(Richest Musicians). I mean real money and the rest of them have nothing more than a car they ride, costumes and a few household materials like a TV and a decoder.

The list of richest musicians in Uganda is not based on their popularity, but rather considering the number of their known investments and the profits, they make from performances, advertisement deals, returns from investments etc. Their fixed assets and estimated net worth. Most of these musicians listed below are now in the class of “Ugandan Millionaires” People who have assets worth US$ I Million (UGX 3.5 Billion).

Here is the List of 10 Richest Musicians in Uganda

10. Haruna Mubiru. He member of Eagles Production before he started his own band, which is known as Kream Production. He has various plots of Land and various cars in addition to a Flat and rentals located in Lubowa.

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9. Eddy Kenzo. The husband of Rema Namakula, Eddy Kenzo in June 2015 purchased a multi-million mansion in Seguku Kampala, he owns various cars including 2014 Sports Range Rover Model that was given to him by the Kaki Investiments Boss, Black L Grande car and plots of land in Kampala. He is the Ambassador of Airtel, Ambassador of Tourism, Ambassador of Ambition Mission Uganda and many others. He has toured in more than 30 countries around the world collecting the dollars that he is using to invest in the home country.
Eddy Kenzo' house
Eddy Kenzo Range Rover

8. Meesach Ssemakula. He isb a founder member of Eagles Production and is now among the top administrators of Golden Production. He owns various residential and apartments in Buwaate, Lubowa, Buziga, Zzana and Bunamwaya. He owns Kann studio has land in Luwero, various plots and cars in his names.

7. Geoffrey Lutaya. A founder of Eagles Production and the owner of Da New Eagles Production, Geoffrey Lutaya has an expensive home in Munyonyo kampala. He owns Durban Motel which is located on Entebbe Road, Angels castle motel, a bar club in Natete, a hotel on Busabala road and owns various plots of land and cars.

He is the husband of Irene Namatovu who is also a musician in Da New Eagles and the two had a wedding in 2014, which was estimated to have costed 1.2 Billion Ugandan Shillings.

6. Ronald Mayinja. He is also one of the artists who founded the Eagles Production. He owns Lorries that are hired to transport bulky goods, he owns Roma Hotel and Roma hardware, has in land in Buziga, owns two houses in Nanganda, and also owns various plots of land.

5. Grace Nakimera. One of the best stage performers in Uganda , Grace Nakimera managed to collect a money which she used in investments. She also has inherited wealth and She owns various apartments in the city, she has many agricultural projects on her own land that she owns in Lugazi and in Wakiso. She drives a Prado.

4. Ragga Dee. The veteran singer who is an upcoming politician has a lot to show that he got from music. He drives a hummer, owns a Beach located on Lake Victoria, Busabala, has a business dealing in importation of cars and cars for hire. He owns an expensive mansion that works as his home in Makindye Kampala.

3. Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool currently is undeniably the best in live performance with his live band that he owns fully. He owns the Gagamel Music label and the Gagamel recording studio. He owns apartments in Kiwatule, has land in Kiwatule, owns Kiwatule recreation grounds, he drives a hammer, owns the house where he stays in Ntinda and has recently unveiled another storied residential house in Bukoto. He is the Ambassador of Uganda Cranes and he recently struck a deal with NRM in the recently concluded elections that saw him harvest millions and millions of Ugandan shillings.

Bebe Cool house which he finished months ago
Bebe Cool apartments which he finished months ago
Bebe Cool's new house
Bebe Cool’s new house

2. Jose Chameleone. He has his home in Seguku where he owns a flat posh he drives Escalade, Range Rover, BMW and many others. 2 pairs of disco light shoes worth 44 Million (lol), He owns Daniella Villas which are housing apartments, owns a Beach named Coco Beach on Entebbe road, He owns the Leone Island studio and a music label. He has various advertisement deals with various corporate companies including MTN Uganda, Idroid phones and many others. He also owns various rentals along Entebbe road

He was named the 6th richest African artist in 2013 a rank which was possibly unresearched because he has never appeared in the African top ten richest musicians since then and the list of 20 richest musicians that was released this year, he was nowhere to be seen. But back in Uganda, he remains a music tycoon and a big household name in East Africa.

Jose Chameleone house in Seguku
Jose Chameleone house in Seguku

1. Bobi Wine. The Ghetto President makes it number one on our list. Besides owning a beautiful and intelligent woman, Bobi Wine sleeps in an expensive storied mansion in Magere on Gayaza Road sitting on several acres. He owns One love Beach located on Lake Victoria, Busabala, owns a farm in Gomba with a large cattle herd and swine, owner of Firebase records in Kamwokya, owns Ssemakokiro Plaza. He owns a Yacht, Speedboat; he also has some Boda Boda and Taxis that bring daily income. His recent and upcoming music events have been and are being organized at his own Beach One Love and they bring tens of thousands of fans who do not only leave him with Entrance fee but also become customers of his eats and drinks. He drives Escalade, Toyota Tundra and some other expensive cars.

Bobi Wine's house in Magere
Bobi Wine’s house in Magere

In 2015, his net worth was estimated to be 33.5 Billion Ugandan shillings, Equivalent to USD 11M but the source that valued his net worth was doubted by many as some called it exaggeration while others called it underestimation.

An Arcade said to be owned by Bobi Wine
An Arcade said to be owned by Bobi Wine

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