Is Lil Wayne Dead? Find the truth here

Rumors have been making rounds that Lil Wayne the senior American Hip-hop Artist from Young Money crew is dead. Some are still confused while others have already believed the rumor, well calm down, the truth is here.

Lil Wayne has just been killed by the celebrity hoax! Do you know what this means? The cheap act by some media companies to create fake info so as to sell their stories. That’s the only disease that has Killed Lil Wayne.

The hoax was started by a Kenyan website and quickly rotated throughout Africa, but the whole truth is the Sexy singer, Lil Wayne- Ladies Choice is still alive and has no problem. Those who love him calm down, you will enjoy that crazy rough voice again sing, don’t be misled by anyone.

Nasa Tushabe

Believe in yourself, just like that, others will start believing in you also