Leila Kayondo tired of bad hearted people manipulating her social media page

Musician Leila Kayondo has decried so called social media friends who disguise as her friends and followers thus ending up talking I’ll about her.

The ‘Abele Nze’ singer has had challenging times to mend up herself ever since she was dumped by Ugandan tycoon SK Mbuga that distorted even her musical grid.

She has spent memorable time abroad in avid of reviving her fallen musical career and good enough getting the limelight when she featured on MTV Base’s Question and Answer where celebrities talk about themselves which is a milestone in reviving the singer’s self esteem.

Disappointingly, her so called social media friends and followers have turned critics to the ‘Kyana Gwe’ singer something that has forced her to come out and speak her heart.

“I love haters how they wake up very day! Visit. this….my page comment negatively. Yes. I read your messages. Delete before I can analyse and remember your name. I don’t know you. you know me. period,” lamented the furious Leila Kayondo.

Let us hope the haters will let her be and concentrate on studio work and upping her fallen musical talent.