Laila, who got a vision from Jesus to marry Pastor Bugembe vows to attend Worship night and propose Bugembe live on stage

After her first attempt failing to yield any fruits, Laila a woman who says she got a vision from Jesus to get married to Pastor Wilson Bugembe is now planning the second move. In this second move, all plans are set to make sure that she will end it all as a wife of Bugembe.

Laila has promised that she will attend the Worship Night, which is organized by Pastor Wilson Bugembe and will make sure she lands on stage when Bugembe will be there and propose him live to see if he rejects in front of the congregation yet he comes to her in visions.

The whole story as Narrated by Laila started when she was working in the Arabian country, Oman when she started receiving strange visions of Pastor Wilson Bugembe telling her, to leave her job in Muscat, come and get married to him.

When Laila made her revelations, instead of Pastor Bugembe taking her home, he only came to denounce her that she is devil possessed.

Laila confirms that even after Pastor Bugembe denounced her, she is still receiving him in visions, telling her that he wants to marry her.

She has therefore made a plan to put an end to all the visions and dreams of Pastor Bugembe Wilson by proposing him live.

“May be he is shy” Said Laila in Luganda, her local language “I will help stop it all, let me do it myself, I will come early, get a front seat where I will be to reach him on the stage before anyone stops me”

Laila says that if Pastor Bugembe denies her on stage, then she has hope that visions will stop. “Bwananegana mubantu, awo nsubira tajja kudamu kujja jendi mubirooto” Said Laila as she looked hopeful of her coming plot to claim the senior bachelor.

Here is the video of Leila when she was explaining how Jesus came to her and asked her to get married to Wilson Bugembe.

Nasa Tushabe

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