Kokonyo: Hellen Lukoma strips again in a club, splashes her red knickers

Hellen Lukoma will remain a girl of surprises in this struggling Ugandan music industry, with her extraordinary acts, which do not only include kissing fellow women but also showing her parts that were once private in Public.

The musician whose career as an artist has been a hustle appeared in a club in her red and black attire. While performing, the singer could not wait to pull her dress up so as to make people have a good view of the red knickers.

Her red lipstick with the red attire mixed with black, the red knickers that were holding her twin towers tight and red shoes did not only make her look as a stripper but also as a designer in the red and black combination.

People could not get enough of her arching dress before she could lower it again, leaving people at a kokonyo unsatisfied with their eyes yearning for more.

Hellen Lukoma shoeing her knickers

Nasa Tushabe

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