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Kizza Besigye relies on Myths not reality –Andrew Mwenda

The controversial celebrity, the CEO of the Independent Magazine Andrew Mwenda has said that FDC party and its leaders lack planning and facing reality.

He said that the party relies on feelings rather than thinking. He added that its politics is based on no reason but rather on emotions and the policies that are drawn by FDC are not based facts but based on Fiction.

Andrew Mwenda said this on his social media profile where he described Kizza Besigye as a ‘god’ of FDC who relies more on myths not reality.

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Here is what Andrew Mwenda posted

“FDC is a party that relies on feelings rather than thinking. Its politics is not based on reason but emotions. Its policies are not drawn from facts but fiction. Its god, Kizza Besigye, relies on myths rather than reality.”

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