Kayla’s Fundraising Birthday Party in Pics

It all went down at Hilltop Naguru yesterday where a massive turn up was registered and to the end of the day, it turned to a party like but people really made it through and baby Kayla was given hope of getting back to the light of hope and joy.

Kayla’s mother Dyna was all smiles whole day of which was evident that she in a state of mixed emotions by seeing the World love her daughter that exceedingly plus the pain of the state of her daughter, but she had to smile.

It should be remembered that Kayla was involved in a car suffocation incident which resulted to the damage of her brain and per now she can’t see, stand, sit or talk but medics asserted that if she is taken to India, she can be treated and she normalises.

The fundraiser birthday was meant to celebrate Kayla’s 3 years on earth and whatever service that was accessed by anyone, it meant you have contributed. Many people attended including names like Gabriel Gadison Ajedra the State Minister of Finance for General Duties.

Revellers had fun with the various events at the venue like face painting, bouncing castles, beer games and many more and Kayla’s parents however they have not made a special thank you note, they said it all from the venue as they were seen holding everyone and smiling throught. Thank you Uganda, thank you World you have showcased togetherness Kayla will star again.