Kayihura at Namboole to make sure that No Fan Appears with a Red Ribbon

Gen Kale Kayihura has come out at Namboole National Stadium and announced a ban on Supporters of the Uganda Cranes turning up while putting on red-ribbons on the head as he says that it will be an act of disrespecting the Nation.

Kayihura with his men have turned up at Namboole to make sure that no fan appears with a red ribbon and according to him, Fans will be searched & those found with any red ribbons could be jailed and take in for questioning.

The Red-Ribbon in the past week has been used as a symbol for defiance used by the opposing Uganda Member Of Parliament Fighting under the “Togikwatako” campaign and now the police says that Whoever shows up for the match while putting it on will be breaking the law.

Uganda Cranes football team is playing with Ghana’s football team at Namboole stadium in the Semi finals of the qualifiers for the next World Cup and after today’s match, Uganda Cranes will be left with one match with Egypt before qualifying for World Cup.


Sean Musa Carter

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