Kadongo Kamu Musicians fight for 100m to compose the Operation Wealth Creation song

As Ugandan artistes under their genre Kadongo Kamu music began their ‘walk of sweat’ in August to win the Shs 100 million cash prize for the best hit song praising the importance of the government funded poverty eradication programmer in unemployed nationals known as the ‘Operation wealth creation” the singing competition that was geared by the project boss Genera Salim Saleh, top artistes have started fighting for the cash on the legality of who should participate in the competition.

The competition that was launched at the Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Rubaga division by the minister without Portfolio Al-hajj Abdul Nadduli quested by artists like Willy Mukabya, Fred Sebatta and Mathias Walukagga among others as another avenue of understanding the value of Kadongo Kamu music since it’s the heart of Ugandan music.

Artists were expected to compose good songs that are agricultural themed and out of all of them, one favorite would be named as the best thus walking away with the shs 100million cash prize.

However, the dimes have caused rift among the top Kadongo Kamu musicians and events promoters mention Sir Mathias Walukaga whom they accuse of wanting to master mind the competition with the incense of taking the top prize personally at the expense of others.

While speaking at an overnight entertainment interactive show at 89.2 CBS FM hosted by Yasin DJ, popular events organizer Tonny Ssempijja has accused Walukagga of being so egoistic and full of greed for money who despite the fact that he has perfected at in the music industry, he can’t give chance to other musicians within the Kadoingo Kamu music genre to try their luck. The angry events organizer was almost tussling out fists in the studios with a one local musician known as James Proper who confronted him for being another traitor who pretend to be fighting for their causes but when he is also chasing his own motives.

The music competition is aimed at helping Ugandans out of poverty and according to the project CEO General Salim saleh, the best song from the Kadongo KAMU artistes will do a fundamental job in encouraging Ugandans to participate in the free government aided programme to eradicate poverty.

Let us hope the Kadongo Kamu musicians will come to one stand and give a chance to the best musicians take it all without fights and disunity.