Kabushenga’s Bukedde TV Makes Another Vulgar Error

Lousy broadcasting has become the order of the day at the industrial area based Vision group and we should expect apologies and regrets occasionally even after this error made by Bukedde TV.

Bukedde TV’s catchy vernacular news bulletin program Agataliko Nfufu is causing rounds of reactions countywide by concerned Ugandans after mistakenly turning vulgar while giving a caption of Friday’ 7pm’s news broadcasting a story quere they haver refered to land as a pair of buttocks.

Many of Vision group fans are now becoming skeptical of the growing unprofessionalism in their staff to the extent of selling off half baked information.

The country is waiting for the company’s big man, the CEO Robert Kabushenga to clear the mess and apologize to the populace for turning immoral since this is the second scenario of such an incident after printing in company’s newspaper, New Vision the word ‘pubic’ to mean public that raised a lot of national concern.