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Judith Heard helps Jose Chameleone to Reconcile with his Wife Daniela

About a week ago, singer Jose Chameleone’s wife known as Daniela left him after the two having unstoppable wrangles hence her moving in with Sipapa Entertainent Boss and his wife Serena Bata and she has been staying with them till when Chameleone was able to swallow back his pride.

Apparently, it is said that Daniela left Jose Chameleone as a result of his unstoppable cheating habbits which forced her to move out of the house but with the help of city socialite and family friend Judith Heard, the family has been able to reunite again.

Judith Heard as a concerned friend approached Chameleone and begged him to bring back his family together as she gave him a bunch of roses that chameleone went with to apologise to Daniela and ofcourse it was a win as she has now moved back to his house with the kids.

Chameleone with Wife Daniela

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