Jose Chameleone Fan Invites Him for a Private Show in Tasmania

If there is any person that is having a great pinch of  his career apex, it is the Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone because of the warm reception he enjoyed on his tour in Australia. It should be noted that he was supposed to hold four shows in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth all Austrian cities.

But according to our Blizz moles, Chameleone is not to leave Australia now because of the abrupt shows he keeps bumping in and the latest being the one in Tasmania.

Tasmania is an island state off Australia which is widely covered with forests and Chameleone is the first artiste from Uganda ever to perform from that place and it is the reason we say he has enjoyed Australia to the fullest. It all started when BMSS C.E.O Manager aka Bossman told him after his Adelaide show that a father had a 4 year old daughter that was totally in love with his songs was in a bad need to meet Chameleone.

And she was so sleepless that the father couldn’t take her to Melbourne to watch him perform live.

This consequently led to the contacting of Chameleone by the family of the girl and asked him if he could come and cover the gap. Chameleone had to give in and went to their home purposely to have a face to face talk with the girl fan and the family was fair enough to ask the community come up for a proper showcase that left the whole place in joy on seeing the one Chameleone in their area code. Remember he just dropped his Mshamba video which is enjoying international televisions air play currently look for it and come to understand the use of art.

Download Mshamba Audio: Nipe(Mshamba)-DR Jose Chameleone MP3.