Join Baby Kayla’s Fundraising Campaign 

Blizz entertainment has come out and officially joined the campaign to raise money and send baby Kayla Reeza Ruvuza abroad for further treatment and give her another hope to regain her happiness and be like others.

The three years baby Kayla who suffered a car suffocation incident three weeks back left her blind and her brain critically injured and left her with a case called Hipoxic brain damage in the part of the brain that is responsible for vision and movement with a possibility of blindness and as you read this, she can’t see or sit by herself.

In efforts to save her, there has been a charity move that is scheduled for 23rd July at Hilltop in Naguru which will be her birthday. So what you come with will be her birthday present and it will be meant to save her from this condition.

There will be food, Mass prayers, competitive games, bouncing castles and many more that will see the raising of the money come alive. For parents, bring your kids they come play for hope of their fellow kid. “On that day she may not be able to see everyone, but I will record a video to show when she recovers that the World loved and saved her” Dynah, Kayla’s mother said. For every plate of food that will be bought, it will be meaning Kayla is getting hope. Thank you let us all be there.