It’s the Third Time they’re Fighting, will they Finally Separate?  

The East African celebrity power couple appeared on the negative side of the news after Diamond Platnumz shared on the instagram showing Zari Hassan in a pool with a man touching her private parts.


Commenting on the photo via his Instagram page, Diamond delivered a slightly disturbing message.
The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man,” in reference to the photo.


It’s no wonder sometimes I find it better to eat and disappear, because there are not people to trust or believe,” he added.


Following Diamond’s remarks, Zari responded in an emotional thread, saying the man was her kid’s uncle and a cousin to Ivan Semwanga, with whom they had three sons.
She also held that the photo was taken by the wife to the man in question.


This is not the first time the couple that has two children (a son and daughter) together, is fighting.
In 2016, while on a music tour in Sweden; the two slept in different rooms after Diamond attracted attention from star-struck female Swedish fans, who wanted to take photos with him.


According to reports, Zari felt jealous since her husband was ignoring her, which was even aggravated by the fans continuously hitting on Platnumz.
The two would later reconcile after Diamond’s mother – Bi Sandra – intervened.


They attended the next tours which were scheduled for Germany and France together after the rift.
Before that, when their first child (Latifa Dangote) was born, they had to carry out DNA tests for Dimaond to be sure he was the dad.


Zari and Diamond hooked up in 2014 after both split from their lovers; Ivan Ssemwanga (RIP) and Wema Sepetu respectively.
Wema Sepetu is former Miss Tanzania while Ssemwanga was a Ugandan businessman based in South Africa.

Zari is 8 years older than Diamond. 

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