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Increase of S3X Robots Worry Women

Women have always fought fellow women for men, trying to create a ring of defense around her husband but now, as technology progresses, companies in the United States have come up with a new inventory of s3x robots or dolls that can do anything or everything a woman does in bed while with a man.

These robots which are operated on a remote control can entertain a man in everything but the church has condemned the idea saying it’s a threat to families and it’s against Bible teachings.

Those behind the project say, it will help fight loneliness especially in men who lost their wives, the divorced, the advanced age and those who haven’t yet found partners.

However Critics say, the project is a great threat to families because men who have slept with these robots have got addicted, lost interest in ever having s3x again with humans and have not either gone back to their wives, or tried to find a wife to marry opting for these robots.

Companies are rejecting criticism that the s3x robots would increase the already existing problem of women finding men for marriage saying, it will help control cases of rape since the robots would offer alternative to women and that according to testimony most robots offer excellent s3x experience to men than most women and they are cheap to get.

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