Human Rights Lawyer Andrew Karamagi Thinks Prophet Elvis Mbonye is another Kibwetere in the Making

Human rights activist and lawyer Andrew Karamagi asserts that the ministry of ethics and integrity manned by Father Simon Lukodo should act immediately and stop fraudster and witch, the President of Zoe Ministries prophet Elvis Mbonye from going on with his pastoral work because his intentions are self driven and may end up leading the country to entire disaster and misery by burning believers in the essence of leading them to heaven as he constantly proves that he speaks to God often and has the powers to make believers live a successful life.

This follows the extravagant pastoral dinner at the Independence grounds Kololo on Friday the 2nd of September 2017 where followers of the prophet converged and had to pay huge amounts of money approximately to millions so as to kiss the man of God’s shoes and receive blessings and good living in their entire stay.
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Karamagi believes such so called pastors are becoming day light con men aiming at bettering their lives at the expense of the poor given the worrying standards of living of the nationals currently and action from the concerned parties deserves to prevail.

“One of the price lists for the blessings charges Three Hundred Thousand Uganda Shillings(85 dollars), for a Bronze blessing and silver at (185 dollars), gold at Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand and Platinum at a million shillings(275 dollars), with the average Ugandan earning just under two million shillings(500) per year, these are massive amounts that the unsuspecting Ugandan believer is being conned out of to fund Mbonye and CO.’s spectacular displays of valance, luxury transportation in high-end SUVs and haute couture”, lamented Andrew Karamagi.

He thinks that the kind of illicit business and sheer criminality that Mbonye and those of his co-friend pastor Augustine Yiga are involved in with outright impunity raises serious questions about the whereabouts of religious regulatory bodies like the National fellowship of Born Again Churches to regulate such personalities and the government arm to bring the said perpetrators to justice.

The sheer criminality that Mbonye and those of his ilk like a semi-illiterate blue-black potbellied python called ‘Pastor Yiga Abizaayo’ who are involved in with outright impunity raises serious questions about the loud silence and tangible absence of the concerned institutions like the National Fellowship Of Born Again Churches, the Uganda Joint Christian Council, the church of Uganda, the special Investigations Unit of the Uganda Police Force, Simon Lokodo’s Ministry 9and Directorate of Ethics and Integrity and perhaps Uganda Revenue Authority”, said Karamagi.

The lawyer’s concern comes amidst contest from Pastor Augustine Yiga’s followers complaining the suspension of the license of their church Television ABS TV which was closed down by the Uganda Communications Commission for failing to have the minimum broadcasting standards and breaching the contract hope Father Simon Lukodo will act accordingly and have his say about the ongoing developing stories because according to Karamagi, the country is at risk of another ritualistic sacrifice like that of Joseph Kibwetere and Credonia Mwerinde who perpetrated the mass murder of one thousand of their flo0ck at the dawn of the millennium.