Hip-Hop and the Whole Music Industry Reacts To the Death of Atlanta Legend Shawty Lo

Hip-hop fans everywhere woke up today (September 21) to the tragic news that Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo passed away in a fatal car crash.
As reported, Shawty Lo lost control of his Audi earlier this morning, crashing over a guard rail and into a tree, with the accident taking his life on impact.

He was 40 years old and left behind 11 children.
The car crash happened around 21:20 hrs EAT and was originally reported as a hit-and-run. Following the investigation, it was confirmed that it was a single car accident that rapper was reported dead on the scene.
The terribly sad news was confirmed by his brother, who added that “his spirit, his kind heart and his music will live on.

Members of the hip-hop community passionately penned tributes in memory of the influential Atlanta “dey know” hit maker sharing that his legacy will live on forever.