He’s Tired of Waiting for Mrs Right, Starboss Big Eye Proposes to Lover

The Nkuziniremu hit maker has surprised many after letting go the bachelors life and decided to propose once again to his new predicted to be long time girlfriend, a UK based Kyeeyo girlfriend only known by one name as Debbie and according to our sources Ibrahim Mayanja is planning on a hefty journey of visting Debbie’s parents for introduction.

This might be the end of all the suspicions every one has had about the singer’s life thinking that he had inked his heart forever on New eagles production songbird Sasha Brighton though recently rumors were circulating allover the country that he had been dumped by Sasha for un identified city tycoon who managed to steal her heart promising her a wedding sooner than she expected from the Suula Indicator singer.

It most be remembered that this caused missed feelings among Big eye’s fans and followers mention his ex-girlfriend and mother of four kids Sheila Don Zella who was much excited like a typical hater as she was also dumped by the same guy not so long ago. So we are waiting to see how far the relationship will go but we wish our brother Ibrahim Mayanja all the best.