Hellen Lukoma Poses for a New Sexy Photoshoot

When it comes to celebrities posing for proffesional n#de photoshoots and getting all sexy in lingerie then look no further than Hellen Lukoma because she’s got the perfect body and attitude for it that is why “Emolsa DNA” had to use her for their new photoshoot.

Emolsa DNA is a new clothing Line based in Uganda which does different clothings but most so dealing in Lingerie and female stylish clothes so they needed a celebrite with a good shaped body to use for their new shoots hence letting Lukoma do all her magic.

All the photos witnessed from this photoshoot were taken in Black and White filter just to show people that Emolsam is perfect for darkskinned people too since it is also branding itself for the Ugandan market.

Sean Musa Carter

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