Haruna Mubiru,s Wife Leaves him for Kyekyo in USA

Most people in Uganda believe that a woman is not allowed to work as long as her husband earns a decent salary or income but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Haruna Mubiru’s wife who allegedly left him and went for a Kyeyo in the States.

According to the rumors we’ve gathered from different corners, it is said that the ”Kifa Nsalira’s” wife traveled to USA yesterday in order for her to earn her own money as a woman.

But still, according to some inside sources out of Haruna’s Kream Production Band, we were told that the couple has not been doing so well for the past few months as Haruna was not providing so well for the wife’s needs after spending money on different people hence forcing her to look for other options of satisfying her own needs.

Sean Musa Carter

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